Quality control in hotels: best practices & software

Quality control in hotels: best practices & software

Unlike most other industries, where customer contact may be fleeting, like in a retail shop environment, a hotel’s interaction with guests is much more intimate and lasting. The highest level of service in every room, every day, by every staff member, in every aspect… a potentially daunting task with no end in sight. This is especially true when competition and customer expectations pressure you to aim for ever higher standards. Therefore it is essential to implement a well-managed program for quality control in hotels.

Quality control in the hotel industry: what does it involve?

Any company must follow a system to control quality, and hotels or hospitality companies are no exception. Quality control in the hotel industry is the systematic process of ensuring that all services and amenities meet established standards for excellence, consistency, and guest satisfaction. This entails an ongoing effort to scrutinize and fine-tune various aspects of the hotel’s operations—from room cleanliness and food service to customer service and facility maintenance.

Best practices often involve implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that serve as the blueprint for each department’s activities. These SOPs are often outlined in checklists that staff can follow to guarantee that each task is completed accurately and efficiently. For example, housekeeping might have a checklist that specifies the steps for cleaning a room, while the front desk could have an SOP for checking in guests.

More and more, hotels also use specialized hotel quality control software to track key performance indicators, conduct regular audits, and collect guest feedback for continuous improvement. By employing these tools and methodologies, hotels not only meet but often exceed guest expectations, thereby building trust and securing customer loyalty.

Designing a quality control program for your hotel

Customer feedback is a good indicator of service levels. However this usually lacks specific detail, actionable items, and puts you in a passive position: you can only react after the damage has already taken place.

Therefore most hotels have a QA process to proactively audit their standards: housekeeping checklists, kitchen standards lists, supplier audit forms etc. These are often managed on paper, excel or email, and it can get quickly complicated to keep track of everything.

Additionally, it usually means you get a fragmented view across different departments, with no easy way to check that corrective actions have been implemented, or any idea of how things have evolved over time.

Therefore taking a slightly more “scientific” approach can be very helpful: creating some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), scores, structured ways to communicate with all staff and contractors, etc. Thankfully in today’s digital world, there is a mobile app for everything – including apps for hotel quality control!

Selecting a simple software to manage your hotel quality control 

Rather than dealing with stacks of forms and checklists, you can require everyone to fill it in from their phone, a tablet, or a computer – whatever is easier. This means all the information is in one place, easily accessible to anyone who needs it. When the inspection process is quicker, staff can do it more often, to fix issues quicker and ultimately offer even higher standards to your guests. GoAudits is one such hotel quality control inspection software. It is used by hotels, resorts and restaurants to audit quality across all their locations. Customers include top brands like Hilton, Rosewood Hotels, Marriott or Radisson.

Corrective action plans, total visibility and real-time follow-up, all within one tool: this will change the way you manage your sites.

The benefits of using GoAudits to manage your hotel quality control processes

GoAudits has been working with hospitality users to create hotel quality assurance best practices. Read some case studies from our happy customers:

Here’s the benefits that these users have highlighted:

  • Much quicker inspections and reports: up to 80% of time saved. This enables them to inspect more regularly and catch issues sooner.
  • Operational standards improved in double digits, within months! The results are measurable with scoring systems and dynamic dashboards: spot trends, recurring issues, growing risks. Make sure corrective actions are actually taken by monitoring them from your desktop. With this information in hand, you can take action on a business-wide scale as required. It may be overhauling your training approach, implementing a new staff induction procedure, or reviewing your relationship with contractors.
  • All standards in one place: including internal brand standards, or external industry standards such as Forbes or LQA. Read more on Forbes standards and LQA Standards for luxury hotels.
  • Quick ROI: with such an affordable professional app (from $10/month/user), return on investment comes within weeks
  • GoAudits offers personalised support, with a knowledgeable team who has worked with many hospitality clients. Just see the reviews in the Google Play Store and Apple App store 🙂

Hotel Quality Control Checklists

We offer a library of hotel inspection checklists, here are some examples:

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