Why GoAudits?

We’re audit professionals, just like you. We built GoAudits to fill the gaps in other apps. You’ll love how quick and easy it is to get your first GoAudits inspection report done and dusted. We built GoAudits from the ground up in 2017, using the latest tools and technology. Our mission to create something useful started with a decision to solve our own problem. We were frustrated with available mobile audit apps. Every app we used or tested either didn’t do exactly what we needed or was bloated with features we didn’t need.

One tool would do x and y but never z, the next had y and z nailed but just couldn’t get x right. We couldn’t win. We knew there had to be a better way so we decided to build our own. And because we solved our own problem, we created an app that we’re passionate about. We’re passionate about our tech, our support and our community. Join us and you’ll see why.

How it works



Define your questions with your scores

goaudits capture


Capture your Audits on the move


View results, scores and approve



Report with your own branded logo



Analyse graphs for actionable insights

Ready to move away from Pen & Paper? Get GoAudits

Customize your Questionnaire

  • Segment questions into groups and sections
  • Add Smart formulas to define your own business scores
  • Multiple questions types such as Radio buttons, list boxes, custom buttons, Pass/Fail and many more
  • Create user roles and access permissions


Capture, Perform Audits on the Go

  • Capture an image and annotate
  • Add reviews and comments
  • Works offline and online seamlessly
  • Take digital signatures

Sync, View and Submit your Reports

  • Sync and view reports before submitting for manager’s approval
  • Review audits before you approve or reject
  • Customize your workflow adhered to your business standards
  • Email and distribute reports to your clients



Your business Insights with our Dashboard

  • Monitor auditor progress and status
  • View results, reports and KPIs
  • Know your exceptional trends and patterns
  • Actionable insights to simplify strategic decisions



Multi Device Support

Access across multiple devices like smart phones, tablets and iPads


iOS & Android

We are exclusively available on Google’s Android play store and Apple store


Reliability & Security

Acess to our Intelligent, rapid 24/7 dedicated customer support


Self Service & Intuitive

Easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge


Picture & Signature

Ability to easily upload multiple images per issue

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