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Hospitality Operations

Guarantee service excellence and consistency across all your locations with the GoAudits inspection app for quality assurance, hotel audits and restaurant inspections

All-in-one Solution for Quality & Compliance

GoAudits offers a fully customizable application for hospitality teams to operate more effectively and efficiently:

Eliminate Inefficient Paperwork

Do you often wonder: How can my operation reduce paper consumption and eliminate manual reports? 

Say goodbye to paper checklists in all areas of your operations and go “all-in” digitally with GoAudits. Elevate quality and improve guest satisfaction, work more efficiently and sustainably.

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Templates to Proactively Inspect What You Expect

Want to improve Service Quality and Consistency in your Hospitality Business?  

GoAudits offers an array of hospitality standard checklists, such as hotel audit or restaurant inspection templates.

It only takes a few minutes to modify our templates to mirror your standard operating procedures. Adapt them to your needs, or send us your existing checklist and we will fully configure it for you!

Quality Assurance and Brand Compliance

Worried that you aren’t ready for your next brand quality assurance inspection?

Try digital inspections, with immediate scores and action plans to self-reflect, practice and score higher each time! We offer 100s of templates that mirror mystery shoppers and internal audits

Ensure consistent compliance with your brand standards, every day and in every location.

Standardize, Communicate, Train, Measure and Share Results


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"Less forms, more coaching”

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