The Secret Ingredient of Successful
Hospitality Operations

Guarantee service excellence and consistency across all your locations with the GoAudits inspection app for hotel audits, restaurant inspections and quality assurance

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Deliver consistent excellence

Increase quality and consistency with more efficient & frequent inspections, spot issues and trends, react faster. No more paper checklists or manual reports.

Standardize, communicate, train

How to ensure everyone is aware of the standards & procedures, and consistenly follow them? Define the standard operating procedures and share them across the whole organization:

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“Highly recommended!”

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“Saved over $8k last year”

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"Less forms, more coaching”

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100% transparency & visibility

What are the 3 top recurrent issues across your business? Is this a recurring failure across different locations?

Get the full story behind the data from instantly generated reports, summaries and dashboards, in real time. Track performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to deliver a great customer experience every time.

Your staff, empowered and accountable

Equip everyone with a tool to quickly spot, track and resolve issues, and always know what to look out for.

Improve team communication: instant reports received by managers, corrective actions immediately assigned to the right people.

Everything is visible on the dashboards: understand gaps, follow-up and provide additional support or training as necessary.

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Hotel & Restaurant Inspection Checklists

Start with the hotel checklists and restaurant inspection checklists featured on the GoAudits app.

Adapt them to your needs, or send us your existing checklist and we will fully configure it for you.

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Seeing is Believing

We are confident that our product will speak for itself: let us set you up, at no cost.
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