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Efficient Health & Safety Inspections

Conduct internal safety audits, risk self-assessments, fire safety inspections, OSHA reviews, safety walk-throughs, workplace safety trainings, field level hazard assessments, incident reporting and much more.

Ensure consistent workplace safety with standardized safety checklists, up to 5x faster inspections, and more frequent checks with the GoAudits safety inspection app.

Proactive and Accountable Teams

No more fiddly paper forms or Excel checklists. With a safety inspection app in their pocket, empower all team members to easily and consistently document everything, to spot issues and hazards early.

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With the GoAudits safety inspection software, our auditing time drastically reduced, and our audit responsiveness went from 65% to 97%.

The mobile app is so easy to use, and the live reporting of the non-compliant items allows seamless follow-up. A fantastic product!

steve blaydon
Steve Blaydon
Safety Manager
Miniclipper Logistics
bill rogerson safety

The feature that I appreciate the most is the ease of use and how it can be adapted for safety inspections in any environment: from a Construction Site to a Care Home, to a Hotel.

My sincere thanks to GoAudits for a product that has not only saved us time, effort and money but is highly rated by staff and Clients!

bill rogerson
Bill Rogerson
HSE Expert - Bill Rogerson Safety Services

With GoAudits, we are able to submit reports immediately after the visit, the operations team responds to 90% of the actions within 1-2 days, compared to 4-5 days previously.

We’re able to analyze performance and findings much better than before. The QA & Food Safety team efficiency improved tremendously!

Eliane E.
Quality & Hygiene Manager,
Independent Food Company

Real-Time Reporting

Is this a recurrent failure across different sites or teams? What are the 5 top issues across all your sites?

Get the full story behind the data from dynamic reports and drill-down dashboards, in real time.

Keep everything well-documented and accessible, track follow-up actions, identify trends. Make informed decisions to prevent incidents and embed safety in your workplace culture.

Health & Safety Inspection Checklists

Use the health and safety checklist templates featured on the GoAudits safety audit platform and adapt them to your needs.

Or simply send us your existing checklist and we will fully configure it for you, at no cost.

FAQs on Safety Inspection Software

What is Safety Inspection Software?

Health & safety inspection software streamline workplace safety audits and checks, offering features such as audit scheduling, data capture on mobile devices, tracking of corrective actions and instant report generation.

Safety inspection software helps prevent potential incidents, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and enhancing workplace safety.

A mobile safety inspection app ensures that safety checklists and information are readily accessible to empoyees at all times, regardless of their location. This is especially crucial for industries where workers are mobile, such as construction, transportation, or field services.

These apps enable instant communication, which is vital for reporting hazards, accidents, or unsafe conditions as soon as they arise. Quick reporting can lead to faster responses, potentially preventing injuries or more severe consequences.

A safety audit app should work offline, to ensure usability in all facilities and field locations, even when there is no network connection.

Safety audit apps are beneficial across a wide range of industries and roles. Here are some of the key job roles that benefit from using this software:

  1. Health and Safety Managers: They use the software to oversee all safety-related activities, track compliance, and analyze data from incidents to develop preventive measures.
  2. Compliance Officers: They rely on the software to ensure that the organization adheres to all relevant safety regulations and standards.
  3. Operations Managers: They benefit from real-time data on the operational aspects that impact worker safety and use the software to implement corrective actions quickly.
  4. Facility Managers: They use the software to monitor and manage the safety of the facility infrastructure, ensuring that everything from fire safety systems to emergency exits is in compliance and functional.

Workplace Safety Apps are versatile tools that can benefit a broad range of organizations across various industries. These apps focus on enhancing safety communication, streamlining reporting processes, and providing immediate access to safety resources and data.

Key Benefits of a Safety  Inspection App in Workplaces:

  • Enhanced Communication: Ensures that all workers can report and access safety information in real-time.
  • Increased Awareness: Keeps safety top of mind by providing easy access to safety notifications and updates.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Facilitates the gathering of data on incidents and compliance, which can be used to improve safety protocols and training.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps organizations maintain compliance with industry-specific safety regulations and standards.

Further, here’s a breakdown of the types of organizations that can benefit from a Health & Safety Inspection App:

1. Manufacturing

Quick incident reporting and access to safety protocols can significantly reduce response times to accidents and improve compliance with safety standards.

2. Construction

Given the high-risk nature of construction work, having mobile access to safety checklists, incident reporting, and emergency contacts can help prevent accidents and manage them effectively when they occur.

3. Healthcare

In environments where staff must handle biohazards, sharp instruments, and manage patient safety, apps can offer quick access to procedure manuals and facilitate the immediate reporting of any safety incidents or breaches.

4. Retail

Retail workers face risks like slips, trips, and falls, especially in storerooms and on sales floors. Safety apps help in reporting hazards instantly, thus maintaining a safe shopping and working environment.

5. Transportation and Warehousing

Safety apps help track the status of equipment and vehicle safety checks, provide easy access to emergency procedures, and facilitate real-time incident reporting in logistics operations.

6. Energy and Utilities

Workers in these sectors often deal with hazardous conditions. Safety apps can provide quick access to safety manuals, facilitate immediate incident reporting, and ensure workers are always informed about the latest safety protocols.

7. Education

Schools and universities can use safety apps for emergency communication, conducting regular safety audits, and maintaining safety compliance documentation.

8. Hospitality

Ensures that staff in hotels and restaurants can quickly report hazards or incidents, access training materials, and ensure compliance with hygiene and safety standards.

Overall, a Workplace Safety App is a critical tool that brings safety protocols to the fingertips of employees, enhancing their ability to act quickly and effectively in maintaining workplace safety.

Starting with the GoAudits Safety Inspection App is easy. You can choose from 3 convenient options:

1. Simply send us your existing checklist, and we will digitize it for you at no cost.

2. You can also build your own smart forms directly on the GoAudits platform: simply connect to the Admin Portal.

3. Or start with a template from our large library of free checklists, choosing from Health & Safety Inspection Checklists for many industries, or US-specific OSHA Inspection Checklists.

No more time wasted on drafting reports at the office! The GoAudits safety inspection software allows you to instantly generate safety inspection reports, even during your safety walkthrough.

You can set your preferred format and make it customized to your brand and logo. At the end of an audit or inspection, generate a professional-looking report on a click, and immediately share it with your stakeholders! Learn more about  inspection report software.

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