Ensuring Safety and Quality in

Streamlined building inspections across your worksites and property portfolio: ensure the highest standards with our mobile inspection app

All-in-one Building Inspection Software

Efficient Mobile Inspections 

  • Document everything in the field with photos, annotations, comments
  • No more paper forms or reports
  • Fully functional offline, on all mobile devices and computers

Instant Reports & Analytics

  • Automatically generate and share professional-looking reports
  • Get the full story behind the scores
  • Identify recurring weaknesses or risks with advanced analytics

Issue Tracking

  • Log issues right away and assign follow-up tasks to the right people
  • Track resolution on an interactive dashboard
  • Keep evidence of actions taken
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Efficient Property Inspections

Conduct safety inspections, construction site reviews, commercial and residential property surveying, including exterior, heating & electrical systems, housekeeping, fire safety, evacuation plans and more.

With standardized checklists and up to 80% faster inspections, ensure consistently high safety and quality levels.


Document & Resolve Issues Quicker

No more fiddly paper forms or Excel checklists. Empower everyone to easily and consistently document everything, to spot issues and hazards early.

  • Assign follow-up actions on the spot so that nothing falls through the cracks. Add unlimited Action Assignees at no extra cost, all you need is their email.
  • With our flexible system, customize the checklists to do exactly what you need (we can even do it for you, for free!)
  • No need for training or complex implementation

It does everything we need as a homebuilder, and the team at GoAudits enhance the system to the exact way we need it, and quickly.

What a great tool that enhances the quality homes we deliver for our valued customers. 


Ciaran Mullins

Woodside Homes

100% Visibility & Transparency

Is this a recurrent failure across different projects? What are the 5 top issues across all your sites? 

Get the full story behind the data from dynamic reports and drill-down dashboards, in real time.

Track issues and follow-up actions, identify trends, and make informed decisions to improve your ways of working.

Construction Inspection Checklists

Use the checklist templates featured on the GoAudits app and adapt them to your needs. Or simply send us your existing checklist and we will fully configure it for you.


Construction Quality Inspection


Internal OHSMS Audit


Incident Reporting Form


Health & Safety Audit Form


Construction Safety Standards Checklist


Property Inspection Report


Covid-19 Measures Checklist

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Seeing is Believing

We are confident that our product will speak for itself: let us set you up, at no cost.
Try the full platform 14 days with your own data.

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