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FiberRise is an innovative broadband developer, designing and installing fiber optic networks for local electric cooperatives and investor-owned utilities across the United States. Their mission is to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural regions, providing sustainable high-speed internet even to remote or economically disadvantaged communities, where conventional broadband providers may be absent.

This is made possible with FiberRise’s innovative approach, leveraging existing infrastructure and¬†automating operational workflows to manage costs.


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The challenge: quality checks for
hundreds of sites

FiberRise is an innovative telecommunications service provider in the US. The company designs, builds and maintains fiber optic networks. With a mission to bring high-speed internet to everyone, FiberRise operates in urban as well as remote rural areas. 

FiberRise’s field teams need to ensure high quality standards in existing network infrastructure, as well as newly built parts of the network.¬†

Consistently checking installation quality and tracking issues across all construction sites was a challenge: “Our process was primarily based on MS Excel spreadsheets. We used paper forms to collect the data and tracked photographs separately. This required a lot of moving / post-processing work to bring all the information together,” explains Stacy Steward, Program Director at FiberRise.¬†“Our major challenge was that it took a lot of time to get the right photos and supporting documents labeled and matched up with any issue that had been found onsite.”

Selecting GoAudits to streamline quality inspections

The Program Management team decided to streamline the inspection process, and selected GoAudits as their preferred provider. Stacy describes the selection and implementation process: “The main reason that we are working with GoAudits is their team: the platform is very good, but we are clients because of the people! Our initial web query was immediately answered by a real person. Their team communicated regularly with us throughout the selection process and was always ready to answer our questions – including following-up to make sure that we had everything we needed.”

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Faster inspections & reporting for better field management

FiberRise leverages GoAudits to better manage the work of their teams on the field. The technical teams use the GoAudits mobile app to inspect newly constructed overhead and underground fiber networks. They go through a checklist of technical standards, infrastructure and quality & safety requirements, documenting any issues that they find.

The GoAudits team collaborated with FiberRise to ensure the solution meets all their requirements. Several features were particularly useful to roll out the new quality control process on the ground:

  • Images/comments:¬†photos taken on the phone or tablet can be instantly inserted into the report. According to the FiberRise team, “One of the key benefits is that the photo and notes section is directly tied to the ‚Äúproblem‚ÄĚ found. When we come across an issue, we can easily include descriptions of the problem and explanatory photos.”
  • Offline mode: the app is usable even when the technicians onsite don’t have access to the internet.
  • Conditional questions: depending on the answer, the smart checklist displays additional questions or requirements to collect more data.
  • GPS geolocation – helpful to precisely pinpoint the site or electric pole coordinates, using location data from the mobile device.
  • Professional reports:¬†with reports instantly generated after each audit, FiberRise can provide neat inspection reports to their own end-customers, i.e., the utilities or electric cooperatives. This helps provide real-time insights from the field, demonstrate due diligence, and ultimately increase the value added for their end customers. “Another key benefit is the professional reports that we provide to our end user. The inspection report layout works very well for us and is very straightforward for anyone to read,” explains Stacy Steward.
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“A big win for us was the speed at which we can conduct an audit and produce a report: the entire process is now much faster,” explains Stacy Steward. “Now our teams use GoAudits to make incremental inspections for the network. Anytime we are in the field working, we can use the tool to report on network inventory or construction status.”

With simplified data collection and real-time insights from the field, FiberRise is equipped to efficiently manage network construction quality Рand to empower ever more communities, families, businesses & schools with fast-speed internet connectivity.

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A big win for us was the speed at which we can conduct an audit and produce a report: the entire process is now much faster.

The platform is very good, but the main reason that we are working with GoAudits is their team!  They were always ready to answer our questions and made sure that we had everything we need.


Stacy Steward

Program Director, Fiber Rise

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