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Efficient internal compliance checks for care providers: hospitals, residential & domiciliary care, medical practices and more

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With standardised checklists and regular self-audits, improve care quality & compliance with internal procedures, regulatory requirements from health authorities.

Make compliance checks across your service more efficient: easy-to-use app, convenience with all checklists and past audits in one place, securely stored data, all evidence quickly accessible in case of external audits.

Which care providers can use GoAudits?

Our self-auditing tool is easy to tailor to your specific needs. It is used by NHS hospitals and services, as well as adult care providers such as care homes, residential & domiciliary care providers, care agencies and more.

Our users are located in the UK and Ireland, monitoring their compliance with CQC, Care Inspectorate, RIQA and HIQA requirements.

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Examples: audit checklists for Care Providers

We offer 40+ pre-approved templates that you can customise.
Or simply send us your existing checklist and we will fully configure it for you, at no cost.

5x Faster Self-Inspections

No more fiddly paper forms, spreadsheets or manual reports. Our customers say they spend up to 5x less time on audits


“It saves us time”


“Reduced response time”

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"Improved scores by 20%”

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100% Visibility & Transparency

What are the top 3 recurrent issues across your service? What are the trends over time or by location? How will you demonstrate consistent compliance at the next inspection by the relevant health authorities like the CQC?

With insightful reports and smart dashboards, oversee compliance and spot issues in real-time. Track follow-up actions, identify trends and risks to improve safety and quality of care.

Seeing is Believing

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