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Northern Healthcare is a specialist independent provider of supported living services for individuals who require enhanced clinical support due to a mental health diagnosis, learning disability or autism.

In 15 locations across the UK, personalised 24-hour clinical and social support is provided by specialised personnel in high-quality accommodation.


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The requirement: frequent and multiple internal checks

Northern Healthcare is a specialised adult care provider, with a network of 15 locations across the UK. Working with individuals who may require 24-hour support, Northern Healthcare aims to provide personalised experiences, while ensuring the highest standards of care.

Frequent internal audits are necessary to check the standards of care, health and safety, and to verify and document compliance. This is to ensure the safety and consistently excellent care for residents, but also to meet and even surpass all the regulatory requirements Рsuch as the Health and Social Care Act, and all the requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

To that effect, Northern Healthcare teams conduct frequent monthly, weekly, daily audits and even hourly touchpoints in different areas. 

Selecting GoAudits to streamline compliance reporting

Before GoAudits, these internal inspections were performed on paper forms,  later transferring the information to spreadsheets. With the large number of daily checks, this was a time-consuming and inefficient process, with information scattered across different tools. Looking to simplify this process, the management team tested GoAudits for several months, before gradually rolling it out for all internal compliance checks across all 15 locations, onboarding dozens of staff members. 

“Despite the pandemic, we have pushed forward with continuous improvement across the service”, explains Danielle Ruane, Manager of Training, Compliance and IT at Northern Healthcare.

Increasing quality, saving time & paper with all checks in a single app

The GoAudits checklist library includes dozens of templates relevant to care homes, which can be easily customised. As the system administrator, Danielle used the Form Builder tool to quickly build checklists meeting exact requirements for each property Рwith support from the GoAudits team whenever needed. 

nursing home compliance

Example of care home checks on the GoAudits inspections app

The user-friendly app was quickly adopted by all members of staff. Dozens of Northern Healthcare staff now use GoAudits in different locations, to perform up to 20-30 daily audits across different areas:

  • Infection prevention and control, including Covid-19 safety checks and PPE
  • Fire safety
  • Controlled drugs checks,¬†Medication stock checks
  • Rooms and common areas checks
  • Hourly cleaning checks
  • … and more.

Bringing all audits and follow-up actions into one platform has created many efficiencies and improvements. “With GoAudits, we concentrated various compliance checks and audits in one single app that works online and offline. This allowed us to reduce the time we spend on these checks, increase quality of care, and most importantly, to reduce our response time if anything needs addressing,” explains Danielle Ruane. “This ¬†ensures we maintain a safe and responsive environment for both staff and residents”.

care home checks

Improved governance and environmental impact

All information in one place gives extra visibility to the Management team, to make decisions and allocate resources where needed the most. It also makes it easier to provide evidence of due diligence and compliance in case of external audits, such as the CQC inspections.

Danielle highlights how GoAudits enables Northern Healthcare to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations: “Regulation 17 of the Health and Social Care Act draws attention to good governance. With GoAudits, we meet and surpass the requirements of this regulation – making sure our systems and processes meet the requirements of all other regulations – meaning that we operate a safe service.”

In addition to the streamlining and increased efficiency of the auditing process, GoAudits contributes to our concerted efforts to reduce paper usage – as a result improving our environmental impact, which of course if only a good thing!”.

For more information on GoAudits for care providers, click here.

northern healthcare audits

Despite the pandemic, we have pushed forward with continuous improvement across the service, introducing GoAudits as our compliance reporting system.

This allowed us to reduce the time we spend on compliance checks, increase quality of care, and to reduce our response time if anything needs addressing. Additionally, GoAudits reduces our paper usage and environmental impact!

danielle ruane

Danielle Ruane

Training, Compliance & IT Manager
Northern Healthcare

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