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The Independent Food Company is a UAE-based hospitality group, one of the most forward-thinking restauranteurs in the region. It manages over 25 locations under 7 different brands and concepts: SALT, Switch, Parker’s, Candy, Grind, Somewhere and Public. From sophisticated culinary experiences to relaxed food trucks and coffeeshops, each brand has gained international recognition for its innovative take on cuisine and specially designed environment.


Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Streamlining the auditing of food hygiene, quality and supplier standards

The Independent Food Company based in Dubai runs several innovative restaurant concepts, from sophisticated culinary experiences to convivial food trucks and coffeeshops. The Quality team is in charge of controlling food safety and ingredient quality, but also ensuring that each dish is perfectly cooked and beautifully presented, exceeding customer expectations. 

With 25+ locations, hundreds of staff and dozens of suppliers, the team has to conduct frequent audits – a major exercise that takes up a significant portion of the team’s time. 

“It used to take us 3-4 days between the audit and taking appropriate actions”

The Quality Assurance and Food Safety team conducts regular inspections across all its restaurant locations, central kitchen, as well as supplier locations. Before GoAudits, the team used to perform all their audits with paper forms, manual reports and emails. 
“Our main challenge was the time it took to put all the inspection information into a report”, says Eliane E., Quality and Hygiene Manager. “It used to take us 3-4 days to conduct the audit, submit the report and get the appropriate actions to be taken.” 

Audit turnaround accelerates to 1-2 days

With the GoAudits inspections app, the team spends less time compiling reports, distributing them and getting operations teams to act on the findings – making everyone more efficient. 
For example, when checking food preparation standards, the team can immediately attach a picture of the dish and describe any issues, so that the chef gets the feedback on the day. 
“We are now able to submit reports immediately after the visit, and the Operations team is able to respond to 90% of the action plans within 1-2 days,” explains Eliane.
This means that in many cases, the audit turnaround went from 4 days to 1 – representing an acceleration of 4x times!

The Quality Assurance and Food Safety team use the GoAudits Inspections software to streamline:

  • Restaurant & kitchen quality & hygiene audits
  • Food preparation evaluation – quality, taste, presentation
  • HACCP food safety in kitchens
  • Supplier facilities and HACCP/food hygiene compliance
  • Covid-19 prevention measures inspection

An efficient way to consolidate data and analyze performance

GoAudits reports and dashboards allow better visibility, presenting results in real-time and in a visual format. Each checklist item can be assigned a certain number of points. The audit results are thus quantified and transformed into performance scores. The team can then view these scores in real time in the dynamic dashboards, aggregated or in detail, in a certain period of time, by location, staff member and so on.
“A challenge we used to have was consolidating all reports at the end of each month and at the end of the year. In the management team, we are now able to review branches’ performance and analyze audit findings much easier”.

Personalized 24/7 support from GoAudits

The GoAudits support team proactively helps customers come onboard – making sure the system is customized to the needs of each business. “The Goaudits team is the most helpful and understanding team ever. They have assisted me in all the implementation processes and are still answering all my questions 24/7!” says Eliane. “GoAudits has brought a lot of added value to our work, and it is clear that our QA and Food Safety team efficiency improved tremendously.”

independent food company

With GoAudits, we are able to submit reports immediately after the visit, the operation team is able to respond to 90% of the action plans within 1-2 days.

As management, we are able to review branches’ performance and analyse our audit findings much better than before. It is clear that QA and Food Safety team efficiency improved tremendously!

Eliane E.

Quality & Hygiene Manager
The Independent Food COmpany

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