An app for efficient field audits and inspections

An app for efficient field audits and inspections

When your teams are spread over wide geographical areas, work independently in different sites, projects or jobsites, ensuring consistent standards can be a hassle. It requires regular field inspection and audits, which can be time and energy-consuming. The right field inspection software or mobile app can significantly streamline this process.

GoAudits field audit & inspection app

GoAudits is a digital checklist app with many handy features. You can easily configure a checklist to capture data on the field. Digital checklists offer several advantages over paper forms or excel tables:

pre-start vehicle inspection
  • Easy to access and update: your staff will always have the correct latest forms in their pocket – on any smartphone or tablet. It works even offline!
  • Smart behaviour: make some questions mandatory or conditional – so that that they appear only when certain conditions are met.
  • Photo upload: simply and directly upload evidence pictures from the mobile device.
  • Automated capture of time-stamps, GPS location, barcodes etc
  • Automated reports: generated at the end of an inspection and automatically emailed
  • Logging action items: if an issue is spotted, a corrective action can be immediately assigned to the correct team or staff member

As a result, your field inspections will be much quicker: no need for typing up reports, collecting paperwork etc. Field operators will get this time back, to spend on more productive tasks. This means that your staff can conduct inspections much more regularly, and ensure standardized ways of working. Management will get immediate visibility on the state of operations and track any bottlenecks.

Field audit software for better visibility into your operations

With all data collected and saved in the cloud, GoAudits will enable you to easily analyze results in visual reports and dynamic dashboards. See performance over time, by location/division, by staff member etc. Compare, spot trends and risks, and take action sooner.

With less clerical work, your front line workers and management will increase their productivity. More inspection points will allow to drive overall quality and safety standards. Speed up your work from field to office to clients with the GoAudits Field Inspection App.

Moreover, the GoAudits support team will set you up for free. We will configure your custom checklists and let you trial the app with your field team for free – for 14 days, or even longer if you need. We make a point to provide a personalized support to our customers, it’s one of our top selling points!

Most importantly, many top brands in different industries use GoAudits for their field inspections. Read how the fiber network builder FiberRise inspects the quality of its network. Or discover how the non-profit Goodwill maintains standards across hundreds of retail locations.

Click here to book a demo or start a free trial now. Download the GoAudits field audits / inspection app on the app store for free.

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