Inspections app to pilot retail operations across multiple locations

Inspections app to pilot retail operations across multiple locations

At GoAudits, we work with hundreds of retailers: food chains, clothing brands, homeware stores, pharmacy operators… One thing they all have in common: how to implement their vision across every single store?

Streamline your store audits

You probably already conduct regular inspections across your stores to know if they comply with brand standards. Make this process much more efficient by going digital with a retail inspections app like GoAudits. No more paper checklists, no more compiling reports. Collect data more efficiently, spot issues and take action faster:

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  • Check compliance with brand standards, from operating procedures to customer service 
  • Use checklists to regularly evaluate front signage, in-store displays & merchandising, housekeeping, health and safety, inventory, incident management and more
  • From daily self-inspections to monthly store checks, to external audits
  • Conduct mystery shopping exercises to evaluate the in-store customer experience

Make your staff empowered and accountable

With an app on their phone, your staff can quickly spot, track and resolve issues in each store.

  • Easily onboard new team members with simple checklists, help notes and visual guides
  • Staff can create actions and immediately assign them to the right people. The assignee receives with a link to the requested action. There is no need for additional software licenses for the assignees, so actions can be assigned to external providers or people who rarely use the inspection software.
  • Nothing falls through the cracks: everything is logged and tracked

Using this information, you can understand gaps, provide additional support or training as necessary.

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See and understand what is happening in each store

Monitor in real-time what is happening on the field and take appropriate decisions. Inspection reports give you the story behind a particular failure: how frequently and where has it been occurring? Does it need to be escalated? What are the 5 top repeat failed items across the business? What top 5 departments are not meeting KPIs?

With our dynamic dashboards, you can drill down into failed items, performance scores and completion rates so you know where to focus your energy on. Track performance, identify trends, and make data-backed decisions to improve your operations.

Seamless communication between head office and stores

Define the standards and share them across the organization: from department heads, to regional managers, all the way to store managers and all staff members. Speed up roll-outs of promotions and updated procedures.

With such an efficient process, your business moves as one in the required direction.

Retail inspection checklist templates

The templates featured on the GoAudits app can all be adapted to your particular needs. The templates include:

  • – Daily store opening and closing checklists
  • – Daily shop checks
  • – Retail health and safety audit checklist
  • – Monthly store review checklist
  • – MBWA (management by walking around) store checklist
  • – BOH (back of house) inspection checklist

Seeing is Believing

Download the GoAudits mobile app and discover the store inspection checklist templates that you can customise to your specific needs.

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