Auditing and inspections of construction sites: still using pen & paper?

Auditing and inspections of construction sites: still using pen & paper?

Regular construction site audits & inspections are paramount to ensure safety, compliance with building regulations, as well as timely project progress. But if your auditors have to fill in paper forms, bring them to the office, then compile and distribute reports… Delays, missed information and lack of systematic analysis is 100% sure to increase your risks and cost you more than it should.

Get a digital auditing solution

Daily checklists, health & safety inspections, quality assurance, regulation compliance audits or due diligence… the amount of reports and paperwork can quickly become unmanageable. Opt for a professional and effective mobile app like GoAudits:  capture all data on a phone or tablet and automatically generate detailed reports. It’s easy to roll out, adaptable to your specific needs, and empowers you to audit much more effectively and cheaper.

Catch & resolve problems before they cost you

When the auditing process itself is so much more effective, you can collect more data, take action quicker and get better control of your construction site. Stamp out health & safety risks before they endanger staff or cost you in penalties. Resolve quality issues before they become costly disputes with business partners.  Corrective action plans, total visibility and real-time follow-up, all within one tool: this will change the way you manage your sites.

Bring general business improvements

Collecting more data and using smart analytics tools, you are sure to get unprecedented insights. You will spot trends, systematic issues, growing risks and blind spots. With this information in hand, you can take action on a business-wide scale as required. It may be overhauling your training approach, implementing a new site induction procedure, or launching an awareness campaign for all staff. Ultimately, it will save you lots of time and money on current and future projects.

Seeing is Believing

Discover how the GoAudits mobile inspections app can help you increase compliance, reduce risks and save money on your projects. Seize the time-limited offer: free personalised customisation, onboarding and trial.

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