Inspection Software: A Comprehensive Guide 

Inspection Software: A Comprehensive Guide 

Inspection is a process that involves carefully examining your business’ products, buildings,  processes or the entire organisation activity, to ensure it meets specific standards. By conducting a meticulous assessment, any flaws or areas for improvement are identified. 

However, manual paper or excel auditing can be a tedious task with a high margin of error. An inspection software can help your businesses remain compliant, uncover any potential risks, and optimize daily operations. This makes the inspection management software tools essential for every company. 

What is an Inspection Software?

An inspection software is an application used to automate and streamline the inspection process, helping organizations to increase the quality of inspections, reduce the time to perform them and increase accuracy. With the help of an inspection software, a company can easily ensure that the products or processes meet the necessary levels of quality, safety, and compliance.  

A mobile inspection management app also provides companies with detailed metrics, generating instant reports, showing trends, and providing options for corrective actions. 

Choose the best inspection software that includes the following features:

  • Mobile and Desktop App 
  • Instant Professional Reports
  • Corrective Action Plans & Workflows 
  • Smart Dashboards – Real-Time Insights

There are a number of types of audit software available, but the best audit software should include at least 3 of the listed features for better performance and efficiency. Otherwise, you will risk losing valuable time and money on additional auditing software tools. 

In other words, don’t let inadequate auditing software tools drain your resources and hinder your team’s productivity. Optimize your auditing process for success.

How to perform an inspection with a digital inspection software 

Step 1: Establish Inspection Parameters

Configure the inspection software according to the inspection type.  Define the scope, and objectives for precise compliance. Digitize your existing audit checklists and eliminate any paperwork or spreadsheets previously used for inspections

Step 2: Plan Your Audits 

Develop a comprehensive audit plan with the help of an inspection software by determining your audit team, assigning tasks, and setting timelines. Effective progress tracking, tasks and workflows are made easy through the best inspection software’s capabilities.

Step 3: Conduct On-Site or Remote Inspections

Choose the best inspection method based on the inspection type and data availability. Utilize your inspection software to log inspection observations, evidence and findings in real-time, as well as capture and analyze audit data efficiently.

Step 4: Generate Reports & Track the Findings 

Produce detailed audit reports and tailor them to include important information crucial to your inspection, such as objectives, findings, and suggestions. A good inspection software should provide pre-made templates or let you customize them to your liking.

Choose The Best Free Inspection Checklist Templates Here 

How to select the best inspection software 

Finding the right audit and inspection software for your organization can be incredibly daunting due to the wide variety of ​​types of inspection software on the market. When choosing the right audit and inspection software, it’s imperative to consider factors that are relevant to your organization, such as: 

  • processes 
  • size
  • and industry

While developing your own digital inspection software may initially seem like a winning strategy, eventually many companies find that this is counterproductive due to soaring expenses and abounding complexity. And this is confirmed by many of our customers such as Rosewood Hotel Group, Marriott International, Hilton and many others. 

We had considered creating our own inspection app, but that was not cost effective. After extensive research, we found that GoAudits was not only cost-effective, but perfect for our needs.

Ruben A. – Regional Director Of Operations – Total Management Systems

Choosing an off-the-shelf mobile inspection software, you can be sure you are delivering performance, efficiency, and cost savings audits and inspections – as these solutions have already been tried, tested, and optimized (and found to work) by countless other users.

Benefits of a mobile inspection software

Choosing an inspection app for your business doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. Our recommendation is based on our exclusive 3 PFS method: Price, Functionality and Support – all of which are key factors when determining your solution. 

GoAudits provides the perfect combination of affordability, functionality and reliable customer support that will help you streamline operations while saving time and money with inspection management software.


It’s essential to find a balance between cost and features when you are looking for  inspection software tools. Taking the lowest-priced option often means foregoing vital functions while buying at the highest price doesn’t guarantee quality or optimal support. 

To get maximum value for your money, take into account usability, compatibility with existing systems as well as customer service offerings – in addition to cost of course. 

A good inspection app should satisfy all criteria without breaking the bank, since the benefits you may get for the price you pay could double your investment.


The efficacy of an inspection management software cannot be overstated when it comes to ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of inspections. A comprehensive auditing and inspection app must further encompass a range of features, including checklists, photo capabilities, and the capacity to track and compare inspection results. Not only will it save your employees’ time, it will also simplify the entire process, making inspections seamless. 


An inspection application is also extremely beneficial in terms of its support. To ensure that customers can swiftly and seamlessly navigate any potential issues, it’s paramount to provide prompt and dependable support services. By promoting clarity of communication, your team can benefit from the rapid resolution of their problems before they become unmanageable. 

GoAudits takes pride in delivering quick and reliable support to customers, with a response time of under one minute. This ensures that any issues are addressed promptly for faster problem resolution – as seen through the stellar reviews!

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Why is GoAudits the best inspection app for your business? 

The GoAudits mobile inspection app will streamline this process without paperwork and heavy admin work. Major brands such as Nissin Food (read the customer success story here), LaTour Hotels & Resorts, TMS  – Total Management Systems  (their portfolio includes 11 hotels under different Marriott, Hilton and Choice Hotels) have selected  GoAudits as the best inspection software.

“We saved over $8k by performing digital inspections with GoAudits. Once the GMs saw how much money they were saving in supplies and payroll, it caught on like wildfire!”

Kristin Ingram  – Regional Director of Resort Operation – LaTour Hotels & Resorts

Here is how they got those impressive results >> 

Our comprehensive inspection software helps you automate many of the manual tasks involved in the inspection process:

  • easier data collection in the field with smart forms
  • instant reporting to share audit information quickly, pinpointing every non-conformances or highlighting critical non-conformances
  • smart dashboards for real-time analysis
  • corrective actions that can be assigned to specific team members, internally or externally
  • vast library of audit checklist templates which can be customized, to get started as quickly as possible.

Both your company and the external auditors will be able to access up-to-date information about the performance of your inspections at any time. 

The best part? This whole process can be automated. With this approach, you can rest assured that your audits will go through without a hitch and that you’ll get the best results in no time. 

GoAudits has also been featured by Capterra as one of the highest-rated and most popular software solutions on the market in 2023. Discover more about digital inspection with GoAudits here.

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