Best mobile app for fleet and vehicle inspections

Best mobile app for fleet and vehicle inspections

Are you still using paper checklists for your fleet inspection? Good news is – you can easily relieve drivers from the burden of paper forms, save time for everyone, and improve inspection quality by implementing a mobile inspection app. GoAudits is used by dozens of logistics and transport companies as their fleet inspection app.

Vehicle inspection app – right on your mobile phone

Create a smart vehicle inspection checklist, and immediately deploy the electronic vehicle inspections to all your staff. Enable your staff to easily add pictures and annotations in one click, directly from their iOS and Android phone, or even a Windows computer. Our forms are smart: apply if-then logical conditions based on previous responses, automatically calculate scores using advanced formulas. And our mobile inspections app works even offline!

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Upgrade your truck or vehicle inspection process within days: no more double entries, you won’t need to manage and store stacks of paper forms.

GoAudits instantly generates detailed and insightful reports and saves your data online. Therefore information will be easy to retrieve in a few clicks.

GoAudits will even help you setup as many forms as you need to inspect your trucks, automobiles or any other vehicles.

Regular mobile inspections for fleet safety and reduced downtime

Increase inspection compliance: schedule regular mobile inspections of your fleet. Your teams will get notifications and reminders to conduct their vehicle checks at the set frequency. No more manual data entry to create the DVIR Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports!

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You will get real-time visibility into inspection results. Automatically receive visual inspection reports in your preferred format. Get alerted on any fails and address issues immediately. Any issues will be flagged, actions assigned to the right personnel and problems resolved, reducing vehicle downtime.

Connect to your dashboard to view historical trends, like inspection history per vehicle or location, and spot any growing risks to proactively address systemic issues.

Highest Safety, Environmental and Quality standards for your fleet

Integrate any regulations or external audit requirements and check compliance with frequent and regular inspections. The GoAudits mobile inspection app will enable you to make compliance and continuous improvement an integral part of your culture.

See how one of our logistics customers successfully achieved ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards with regular fleet inspection of their trucks:

Try the GoAudits mobile inspection app for FREE

Simply download our mobile inspection app and choose one of the premade templates. Get in touch, send us your existing checklist, and we will digitise it in our app – at no cost to you. Try for free for 14 days, then decide if this is the right mobile auditing app for your fleet inspection. Our pricing structure by user license means that you can inspect as man assets as needed at no extra cost.

Hesitating? Read the positive customer reviews and get in touch to hear how we service our transport and logistics inspection users!

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