An auditing app to manage your ISO standards

An auditing app to manage your ISO standards

The internationally agreed ISO standards are widely used across all industries and organisations to set management systems, driving improvements and managing risks. This includes ISO14000 for environmental management, ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety.

Internal audits for ISO readiness

Regular internal audits are a mandatory step towards ISO standard compliance, whether your organization is planning to get certified or not. There are many ISO compliance management software out there to help manage this process. However, more often than not they can be costly and complex to implement and use. A nimble and accessible solution is a mobile auditing app like GoAudits.

A mobile app for ISO audits

A simple approach to ISO self-auditing is to use a digital checklist app that your employees can easily access, whether in the office, on the factory floor or in the field. Simply loaded on any mobile device, it is a user-friendly and simple solution to collect data. With the right solution like GoAudits, you can also get powerful oversight and data analysis that will help you manage compliance and manage your standards with less efforts.

How GoAudits can help you streamline your ISO standard management

The standard digital checklist can be customized to meet your internal audit process requirements. Auditing will be a simple, paperless process – no forms or reports to create or file. Any additional evidence such as pictures can be seamlessly attached to the report, directly from the mobile device. Your staff will also save time with automated information capture features, such as geo-location, time-stamps, voice-to-text etc.

When you find a non-compliance, you can immediately flag it, create and assign a follow-up action to the right person, and escalate as required. With all data centralized in one place, it’s easy to see results in dashboards, in a summary or with as much detail as you need. You will gain unprecedented visibility into your ISO audits, compliance and improvement areas. Learn more about GoAudits features here.

ISO standards auditing checklists on the GoAudits inspections app

ISO standards are a big part of the quality, safety, and environmental standard management among our customers across different industries. We have a number of standard digital checklists that you will find pre-loaded inside our app. However, we understand that each organization is different and will require customized auditing procedures. That is why we offer easy ways to digitise your existing checklists – you can simply send it to us and we will do it for you, or you can use the self-service Admin Portal.

  • Quality management checklists, including ISO 9001 Standards Checks
  • Health & safety auditing, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety checks, fire safety checks etc
  • OSHA standards checklist
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards Checklist
  • GMP Good Manufacturing Practices checks
  • Food safety and quality management
  • Process control checks, incident reporting forms, and more

Try our ISO auditing checklist app for free

We offer to digitize your checklists at no cost, and let you try our system with all its features for 14 days, free. You can simply download the app, or schedule a discovery call with us by clicking here. You can also simply start an instant chat with us by clicking the green bubble on the bottom right-hand side.

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