Legionella Checks

Risk Factors

1. Has water been stored between 20°C and 50°C?

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2. Has water been left without routine flushing, or poor or no flow in the water system for longer than a week?

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3. Are there any outlets that create inhalable droplets such as aerosols?

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4. Are there any dead legs of pipework that could hold stagnant water including hose pipes?

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Restarting The System

1. Has the temperature of hot water systems been increased to above 60°C, drawing it through to all hot water outlets if possible?

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2. Hot/cold water systems flushed through with fresh mains water for several minutes?

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3. Has it been ensured that the system is capable of delivering water at safe temperatures by checking temperatures ahead of reopening?

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4. Chemical or thermal disinfection of the water system undertaken?

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5. Microbiological sampling for Legionella bacteria undertaken?

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