Choose the right mobile app for your workplace inspections

Choose the right mobile app for your workplace inspections

Choosing the best workplace inspection app

Regular workplace safety inspections are a necessary, but often time-consuming administrative chores. Fortunately, in the age of digital technology there are easy-to-use app solutions for businesses that want to save time, while staying compliant with applicable Occupational Health & Safety standards and prevent avoidable accidents in their workplace. Whether you are a store manager, construction site supervisor or the head of a health & safety department, mobile inspection software will help streamline your processes and possibly even prevent accidents before they happen. 

What are the most important steps in a workplace inspection?

Successful workplace inspections usually require the following steps:

  • Planning and scheduling: depending on the type of workplace and level of risk, inspections may happen monthly, weekly or even hourly – in which case compliance can then become an issue
  • Preparation: identifying pertinent safety laws and stipulations, including most current legal requirements or hazard warnings. The drafting the inspection checklist, or updating existing checklists if necessary
  • Conducting the inspection onsite;  
  • Writing the inspection report, adding findings and any photos collected onsite;
  • Sending the report to concerned parties;  
  • Ensuring that any corrective actions are effectively implemented.

For more details, read this article on the key 5 steps for workplace inspections. At each of these stages, the right audit and inspection software and mobile app can help improve quality and productivity. 

What is an inspection app?

Many businesses still capture inspection data on paper forms, word documents, separate photos files or spreadsheets – which wastes much precious time, making it hard to analyse and retrieve information quickly. Instead, users can simplify every step of the audit process by using the right software or app.

Inspection apps are essentially electronic forms that allow for the recording of inspection information in an easier way. However there are many more useful features: the ability to inspect offline, enrich data directly from the phone (think photos, automated time-stamps, GPS location, voice-to-text notes and more!)

Digital checklists, instant reports, smart dashboards and more – these are the features that make mobile inspection apps so indispensable for safety professionals. In most cases, an inspection app is a Web-based or mobile phone app that allows you to create custom inspection checklists, instantly generate reports (no need to draft them manually), track corrective actions and view real-time dashboards depicting your organization’s safety performance.

HSEQ inspection app reports
Example – GoAudits workplace inspection app

What are the benefits of using a mobile app for workplace inspections?

Mobile apps for workplace safety inspections offer many benefits. Fully customizable checklists can be updated anytime, so that all your staff always have the latest inspection form at their fingertips. Instant reports mean that there is no need to draft reports manually once back at the office – that is a huge time-saver! These reports can then be automatically distributed to the right stakeholders – another opportunity for savings.

Real-time feedback on progress within smart dashboards means that you have full visibility on your business, with any recurring issues or trends clearly visible.

Additionally, you will find complete documentation of findings and corrective actions all in one place, easy to search and retrieve anytime.

In short, mobile inspection apps make the process of conducting workplace safety inspections easier, faster and more efficient. 

Read more about GoAudits for Health & safety audits and Food Safety inspections.

Which inspection software is best for my business?

What are the best inspection apps? When it comes to choosing a professional app, there are many factors to consider. Depending on the size of your team and your business, here are questions you may want to ask the vendor. In other words, here is a checklist to help you choose the best mobile checklist app 🙂

Checklist to choose the best inspection app:

  • On what devices can the app be used? Phones, tablets, iOS/Android, computers? Some products are mobile-only, which is not great for professionals.
  • Does the app work offline? That is crucial when you need to collect data in different sites or locations that may not have a good internet connection
  • Can the checklists be easily customised to the needs of your business? If your business is very specific, choose a product designed for the specific needs of your industry
  • Reporting: does it offer the ability to produce clean branded inspection reports? Do those reports include automated scoring that I can adjust?
  • Workflows: can you assign inspections, distribute reports automatically, or log corrective actions?
  • Analytics: can you receive summary reports and easily get an overview of your operations?
  • Most importantly: what levels of customer service does the vendor offer?
  • Does it need to integrate with my other systems?
  • Does the price point work for your business?

An inspection app can be a lifesaver when it comes to streamlining workplace safety inspections and instilling a safety culture within your organization. By choosing the right app, you can make the process easier, faster and more efficient – ensuring that your workplace remains safe and compliant.

GoAudits mobile app for your workplace safety inspections

The GoAudits audit and inspection app is used by thousands of auditors in more than 55 countries. It is a mobile app and complete software that works offline and can be easily customised to the needs of your business. Key benefits include:

  • Reporting is clean and branded.
  • Workflows are simple and efficient
  • Analytics are detailed and easy to understand
  • The price point is unbeatable. 
  • And best of all: the customer service is top-notch! 

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