Compliance Software: 10 Best Compliance Tools & Apps of 2023

Compliance Software: 10 Best Compliance Tools & Apps of 2023

Staying compliant with local and international regulations and ensuring all your legal documentation, health and safety policies, internal regulations, processes, and many more activities requiring compliance involves a lot of paperwork and documentation. When trying to maintain compliance, the complexity can overwhelm you very quickly. Sometimes, even minor or unintentional errors can lead to hefty regulator penalties and legal fees. This affects your business budgets, customers, and employees, and your business reputation will suffer. For this reason, many companies are turning to automation software to stay compliant.

Switching to a compliance management software may pose challenges, especially if you are coming from paper/excel audits or a different compliance software. To choose the right compliance software, it is important to understand its functionality, its primary industry focus, and evaluate how well it matches your company’s specific needs and financial situation.  

In this blog post, we aim to simplify the process of selecting the appropriate compliance software for your business. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 options for audits and inspections, and we’ll cover important factors to consider when making your decision. We’ll also highlight key features to assist you in making an informed choice.

Top 10 software for audits and inspections

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GoAudits is a compliance software for compliance audits and inspections. With a convenient mobile app, you can easily conduct audits on site, even offline, without having to produce a report once back at the office. This solution simplifies scheduling and delegation of audits to team members.

Assign corrective tasks during inspections and get real-time reports that are emailed to management. The advanced analytics dashboard offers performance insights, maximizing your investment in this cost-effective solution for professionals.

GoAudits is best for: large/medium/small organizations in Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Retail, Health & Safety, Healthcare, Manufacturing and many other industries. 

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GoAudits is available on: WebiOS and Android

Navitas Compliance

Navitas Compliance is a complete compliance management solution that assists organizations of any size in handling their regulatory obligations. Their focus on food safety began in 1989, and now their compliance software enables businesses to perform self-audits based on their brand or legal standards, monitor and document all incidents, schedule their daily compliance tasks, view their site or multiple sites online without requiring in-person visits, and offer transparency with real-time dashboards and report

Best for:  food safety and brand compliance for organizations.  

Key features: compliance calendar, task assignment digital checklists, corrective action plans. 

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NETconsent Compliance logo

NETconsent Compliance Suite software helps organizations achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and business processes. Its primary solution includes Policy Management, Learning Management System, and Content. Features include training and testing for employees, notification alerts, surveys, documentation, an employee portal, and reports,  and smart dashboards which help identify compliance situations promptly.Focuses best on enterprise compliance, training and corporate communications.

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Aware  logo

Aware is more than just a compliance software. It provides a comprehensive solution for governance, e-Discovery, data loss prevention, and intelligence. Using cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and behavioural analytics, Aware helps enterprises collaborate effectively while reducing risk and streamlining legal workflows. It offers monitoring capabilities for popular communication platforms with features like sentiment analysis and continuous insights. Main focus: governance and data loss prevention. 

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Securiti logo

Securiti is a top provider of Unified Data Controls that offers solutions to address various challenges. With its DataControls Cloud, it creates a unified layer of data intelligence and controls that cover public clouds, data clouds, SaaS, and private clouds. This compliance software ensures that businesses are compliant while also helping them meet their obligations regarding data security, privacy, and governance.

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ComplianceChimp Logo

ComplianceChimp is a compliance management software that specializes in OSHA compliance. It provides safety training and verification, near miss and injury reporting, self-inspection, record-keeping, and event tracking, all stored in a single, user-friendly location. Additionally, you can create and edit custom training articles and add them to your training library. For a limited time, ComplianceChimp is free for the first 500 worker training surveys sent or for 120 days.

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JLB Track logo

JLB Track is a management system compliance audit software used by many Australian businesses. It helps with ISO compliance for Quality, Safety, and Environmental Standards. Its modules simplify management system maintenance, including non-conformance reporting, corrective actions, design, audit checklists, business improvement planning, accident/incident register, hazards/risks register, environmental impacts, equipment register, compliance register, and more.

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Established in 2016, iPRO is a reliable software compliance solution based in Australia. It seamlessly links countless reputable contractors and suppliers with potential clients in various industries such as retail, property management, manufacturing, health, and aged care. iPRO’s compliance software offers a complimentary trial period, allowing numerous businesses to comprehensively evaluate their organization, suppliers, contractors, and workers.

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Interactive Compliance Training (ICT)  logo

Interactive Compliance Training (ICT) is a compliance eLearning solution that is used by multinational companies in the US, UK, Europe, and Asia for their regulatory workforce training. While it may not be considered direct compliance software, it covers more than 80 compliance topics, including GDPR, HIPAA, Competition Law, Conflicts of Interest, Business Ethics and more. This makes it a valuable platform for businesses seeking a complete compliance management solution, as they can select relevant topics for their specific needs.

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Vitralogy -  SmartCompliance logo

Vitralogys SmartCompliance is customizable compliance software for NYC regulation. The compliance software tracks step-by-step processes for over 70 local laws and regulations and is the right compliance software for managing compliance across multiple buildings from a single platform. You can populate it with your preferred vendors, on-site personnel, and building profiles to identify applicable laws and regulations. SmartCompliance is an ideal compliance management software for business owners who need to manage multiple buildings and keep up with legal requirements.

What is Compliance Software?

Compliance software is an automated tool that enables an organization to effectively manage compliance with necessary standards and regulations with greater ease and efficiency. It helps ensure efficient and smooth monitoring, control, communication, and proper documentation of different compliance processes in a single platform. A compliance software also serves a threefold purpose – streamlining audit preparation, facilitating compliance demonstration, and providing a smart dashboard for monitoring compliance activities, trends, and quality scores.

Choose the best compliance software 

Making the right choice when it comes to compliance software for your business can be the game-changer that sets you apart from competitors. It allows you to effortlessly navigate regulatory requirements, minimize risks associated with compliance, streamline operations, and secure data. Opting for a high-performing and tailor-made solution means meeting industry-specific standards, keeping your business legally compliant, and safeguarding your reputation against potential financial and operational fallout from non-compliance. The benefits of selecting the right compliance software for your business are numerous, and should not be overlooked.

While developing your own compliance management software may initially seem like a winning strategy, eventually many companies find that this is counterproductive due to soaring expenses and abounding complexity. Choosing an off-the-shelf compliance tool, you can be sure you are delivering performance, efficiency, and cost savings audits and inspections – as these solutions have already been tried, tested, and optimized (and found to work) by countless other users!

Choosing a compliance app for your business doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. GoAudits provides the perfect combination of affordability, functionality and reliable customer support that will help you streamline operations while saving time and money. Our recommendation is based on Price, Functionality and Support – all of which are key factors when determining your compliance tool.


When selecting a compliance management software, it’s essential to find a balance between cost and features. Taking the lowest-priced option often means foregoing vital functions while buying at the highest price doesn’t guarantee quality or optimal support. To get maximum value for your money, take into account usability, compatibility with existing systems as well as customer service offerings – in addition to cost of course. Striking a balance between budget and quality will enable you to find the best value for your money when selecting an audit & inspection software. Ultimately you should select a compliance tool that satisfies all criteria without breaking the bank!


The efficacy of a compliance software cannot be overstated when it comes to ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of compliance inspections. Beyond this fundamental criterion, the app should also offer a streamlined method for data capture, information storage, and report generation. A comprehensive auditing and inspection app must further encompass a range of features, including checklists, photo capabilities, and the capacity to track and compare inspection results. These attributes collectively engender a more thorough and efficient compliance inspection process, elevating safety and compliance measures to new heights.


To ensure that customers can swiftly and seamlessly navigate any potential issues, it’s paramount to provide prompt and dependable support services. By promoting clarity of communication, your team can benefit from the rapid resolution of their problems before they become unmanageable. GoAudits takes pride in delivering quick and reliable support to customers, with a response time of under one minute. This ensures that any issues are addressed promptly for faster problem resolution – as seen through the stellar reviews!

Key Features to Consider When Selecting a Compliance App 

Desktop and Mobile Auditing App options: Streamline your compliance audits with a compliance software that offers both desktop and mobile apps. Capture photos on-the-go, delegate tasks seamlessly within the team, and keep track of progress – all while saving time and resources! Your time and resources will be saved as all progress is visible in real time via the desktop version while tracking analytics for better business growth forecasting – one solution offering it all!

Reports: Reports are an essential aspect of the compliance auditing and inspection process, serving as important records that allow users to effectively communicate their findings. When selecting the right compliance software for these purposes, be sure to examine which types of reports it can generate – ideally customizable ones with easy-to-read content such as observations, recommendations and corrective actions relevant to your organization’s or industry’s needs.

Tasks and workflows: Organizations can benefit from leveraging tasks and workflows to streamline their compliance audit processes, enabling efficient completion of all necessary steps with improved consistency across audits. The auditing/inspection compliance management software should provide users the customized flexibility they need by allowing them to create tailored workflows that outline the process’s data collection, analysis, reporting stages – even corrective actions if required. 

Analytics – Smart Dashboards: Understanding the metrics behind daily operations is essential for long-term success – and that’s where compliance auditing & inspections come in. For businesses, staying on top of important processes means having an efficient overview & comprehensive control over every operation. Smart dashboards are a powerful tool to ensure this happens: they provide real-time access to KPIs and other data points, helping your organization stay compliant and up-to-date with progress while making strategic decisions based on evaluations. 

Images: A quality compliance software should provide a comprehensive approach to capturing, annotating, organizing and sharing images. This visual evidence can be used not only to support findings but also as an effective means of communication when conveying the results of inspections or compliance audits to stakeholders in accordance with relevant regulations.

Why is GoAudits the best compliance software for your operational audits? 

Choose the best compliance software to help you audit your operations, without paperwork and heavy admin workload. Our comprehensive compliance software helps you automate many of the manual tasks involved in the inspection process:

  • easier data collection in the field with smart forms
  • instant reporting to share audit information quickly, pinpointing every non-conformances or highlighting critical non-conformances
  • smart dashboards for real-time analysis
  • Corrective actions that can be assigned to specific team members, internally or externally
  • vast library of audit checklist templates which can be customized, to get started as quickly as possible.

Both your company, compliance officers and the external auditors will be able to access up-to-date information about the performance of your inspections at any time. 

The best part? This whole process can be automated. With this approach, you can rest assured that your audits will go through without a hitch and that you’ll get the best results in no time. Discover more about digital compliance audits with GoAudits here.

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