NEW – GoAudits Web App and new Admin portal

NEW – GoAudits Web App and new Admin portal

Our product development teams keep continuously improving and expanding our GoAudits inspections app and platform, based on customer feedback and new developments planned in our roadmap.

Web app: audits and inspections on any browser

We have recently released the GoAudits Web App – a neat interface to conduct audits on any browser or device, without the need to download the GoAudits app. This is particularly useful for those who are more comfortable typing up longer reports on the computer, team members who don’t have access to a mobile device onsite, or those can’t download the mobile app on their mobile device for any reason.

How to use the GoAudits web app?

  1. Using any computer, phone or tablet, open your preferred internet browser.
  2. Simply visit the Web App link:
  3. Login using your usual GoAudits credentials. Don’t have an account yet? Then create one by visiting the sign up page.
  4. My Audits page: review/edit past audits or download completed reports
  5. Start new audit: simply select the relevant checklist and start auditing!

New GoAudits Admin Portal to customize your inspections

We listened to customer feedback and recently released a brand-new user interface for the Admin portal:

It allows even more customizations, with a more user-friendly and modern user interface.

New product release in October 2020:

Simply login using your usual GoAudits credentials (or create a new account if you don’t have one yet). In the Admin portal, the authorized users can extensively customize the system:

  • Create new checklists/forms, modify or delete existing ones
  • Setup new companies/departments/users
  • Setup different audit report templates
  • Update report sending email templates
  • Manage reports from past inspections
  • Setup the audit approval workflow, user permissions and other advanced settings
goaudits admin portal

GoAudits Help Center

In our Help Center, you can find video tutorials and guides on how to customize the system to your needs:

How to modify my checklists or create new ones?

Wondering how to modify your checklists? Simply visit the Admin portal and go to Templates > Forms/Checklists. You can find the Form Builder tutorial in our Help Center here.

Any product questions or functionality suggestions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team!