Digital forms and inspections in government

Digital forms and inspections in government
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The GoAudits digital form app and solutions were recently featured in the Government Business magazine in the UK.

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GoAudits featured in the Government Business Magazine

Paperless inspections in the field, with a digital form app

With GoAudits, out goes pen and paper, in comes a simple app to collect data on the go, in any building or outdoors – bringing considerable savings and efficiencies to central and local government authorities.

For local government, paper still often rules in the field

When it comes to inspections, checks and overall data collection in the field, the public sector still struggles to make the transition from paper to digital. Think highways and road inspections, playgrounds and leisure grounds maintenance, food hygiene standards, health and safety checks, and much more.

In many cases, it still means that a frontline worker picks up paper forms at the office, travels with a clipboard, fills in checklists by hand, then brings the paperwork back to the office. Several pages then get scanned, uploaded into a back-end system, forwarded to the relevant departments and potentially printed.

Not only are these manual tasks time-consuming, but the risk for error and loss is considerable! Not to mention that such siloed ways of working prevent wider-scale improvements and efficiencies.

Micro-digital transformation for concrete savings in the Public Sector

This disconnect between office and the field can be solved with digital solutions readily available today. The GoAudits mobile app and platform is a simple and affordable solution, which can aid transformation across multiple departments at all levels of government, replacing paper forms and manual workflows within just days.

Case study – digital inspections app in a local council

As an example, Huntingdonshire District Council started using GoAudits digital checklists for parking and market inspections. After one month of usage, the team observed great user adoption, considerable time savings and improved communication across departments. Automatically generated, professional-looking reports with photos were another key benefit. Noting the quick implementation and ease of use, the council looked into rolling out the solution to additional workflows and departments. Read the full case study.

This kind of micro-transformation offers quick and tangible results. As a result, it fits perfectly into the wider digital transformation and efficiency improvement efforts in the Public sector.

Electronic forms, paperless inspections and smart reporting

An app for digital forms and checklists at everyone’s fingertips

So how does GoAudits work? It is a cloud solution available on any device – phone, tablet or computer. Any user can easily create digital checklists and customise them as required. The user can then login on their favourite device, to conduct their checks in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. They can select answers, attach photos directly from the device, add annotations and comments, assign tasks to specific colleagues, tag GPS locations – even offline. This means that inspections can be conducted outside of the office, even when there is no network connection!

At the end of the inspection, the system automatically generates a comprehensive PDF report. The user can then share this report with any colleague or department. The data is securely stored online for future use, in compliance with GDPR and data protection rules.

Improved collaboration and visibility with smart reporting

Insights to drive improvements

Since all the information is centralised in one place, it can be analysed in real-time and retrieved as needed. Smart Dashboards allow users to view trends, generate summary reports and other custom analytics.

This might help answer questions such as ‘What are the top three recurring issues that we need to fix in priority?’. In turn, such insights can assist in driving wider process improvements, and enhance the quality of services to the general public.

Task Management and seamless collaboration

Task management is another great feature to improve collaboration. When a user assigns a task during an inspection, the appropriate colleagues receive notifications and reminders. Tasks can be tracked on the dashboard and escalated in case of delays. All this helps resolve issues faster and improve standards in different areas.

A step towards more efficient, greener government

Local authorities today are focused on being greener, reducing time-consuming tasks and ultimately driving cost savings without impacting frontline services. In particular, many forward-thinking authorities have identified the digital conversion of manual tasks, as well as integration with back-office centralised systems, as a means of unlocking on-going cash savings.

Systems like GoAudits have the potential to help identify additional savings in costs and time, alleviating cuts elsewhere – which in itself is something to be encouraged across the public sector. But digitisation also helps deliver more continuity between the outputs of each department, to avoid overlap and work in separate silos. Which ultimately helps offer better public services!

Try GoAudits at no cost – 100% free trial

GoAudits is a UK-based technology company with global reach, headquartered just outside Windsor in Slough. We are transforming the way government bodies manage the paper trail, enabling the mobile workforce to be more agile and productive. Our app and centralised platform is an affordable and user- friendly solution available on Android, iOS and computers. Try GoAudits at no cost on any device, today!

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