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Leon Conditors is a leading grocery chain based in Serbia, with various locations including central facilities and warehouses, a dozen of supermarkets, as well as fast food restaurant locations. In addition the distribution of general groceries, it specializes in the on-site production of bakery and confectionary goods.



Leon Conditors is a chain of supermarkets and food stores, serving thousands of people who expect to see the same high standards and fresh products every single day. How to make sure every team member knows what those standards should be, and remembers what to look out for?

‚ÄúBefore GoAudits, it was difficult to follow what was happening in each store‚ÄĚ

With fast-moving stocks of fresh products, and hundreds of staff across more than a dozen of stores, restaurants and facilities, the Leon Conditors management team needed an effective way to control standards and ensure consistency across all sites. Planning, controlling all the steps in every store, managing paperwork – it was a time-consuming and impractical process. “It was really difficult to follow what was happening in the stores that were not part of the central facility,” explains Bane Dojcinov, System Administrator at Leon Conditors.¬†

From 70h to 30h per week spent on standard checks

The team structured all their inspection points into digital checklists on the GoAudits mobile app. “Now there is a sequence of things that need to be done, everyone knows what it is, and we control whether everything is done as planned. Our teams lose a lot less energy and time on inspections and checks,” says Bane Dojcinov. “Initially, it was taking us about 70 hours per week to inspect 10 stores, but now it is about 30 hours per week.” That is over 160 hours saved each month!

Inspection scores increase from 70% to 90-100%

Over time, Leon Conditors built a culture of quality and consistency with all members of staff in stores and restaurants. With an easy to use mobile app and clear checklists, daily inspections became part of the routine for many employees.

Initially, the management team started conducting inspections on a daily basis, to make sure everyone is aware of the different steps and expected procedures. The standards  significantly improved over time, from 70-75% to the 90-100% range, as less and less issues were found during inspections. Whenever an issue is spotted, an action is assigned to the right person, with an appropriate deadline. Tracking the actions on a central dashboard, the team can make sure the issues are corrected as soon as possible.

Since the¬†teams soon became better trained, less checks were needed. “After some time, we were able to reduce the number of inspections, they are now done 3 times per week instead of daily. Staff in the stores are already used to what things to pay attention to”, explains Bane.

Facilities, food hygiene, stock management and more

The team uses GoAudits to monitor standards across stores, bakeries, restaurants and central facilities, covering areas such as:

  • Outdoor & indoor appearance, cleanliness, ambience
  • Product freshness, stock availability
  • Product display, correct pricing/labelling/promotions
  • Food safety and personal hygiene
  • Customer service: staff uniforms, greetings, wait times, order and payment processing
  • Back of house: warehouse and staff areas organization
  • Food production: quality, presentation, availability
  • Administrative: staffing schedule, hygiene certifications

Insights that help take the right actions, faster

“One of our favorite features is the option of seeing the historical answers, so we can immediately see issues that keep coming back”, highlights Bane.¬†Using a GoAudits report format that shows the 4 previous inspection responses for each question, the Leon Conditors team can easily spot trends. This way, if an area repeatedly fails for a given store, the team can decide that extra staff training or another intervention is required.¬†

The other highlight for Leon Conditors has been the attentive customer service from GoAudits.¬†“We are very satisfied with the GoAudits platform. The communication with the GoAudits team has been excellent, and they added some features on the platform at our request, very quickly and totally free of charge.”

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Our teams lose a lot less energy and time on checks and inspections. Initially, it was taking us about 70 hours per week to inspect 10 stores, but now it is about 30 hours per week. The scores improved from ~70% to 90-100%.

We are very satisfied with the GoAudits platform and the customer service has been excellent!”.

Bane Dojcinov

System Administrator, Leon Conditors

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