Tractor Maintenance

Air Filter

1. Is the air cleaner and primary element removed to be cleaned?

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2. Is the evaluator valve checked to see if it is clean?

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Fuel Filter

1. Is the fuel filter bowl and element being periodically cleaned?

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Fan Belt Tension

1. Is there a deflection of 7-9 mm when the belt is pressed in the middle of the span?

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Fuel Line

1. Have all the fuel lines and hose clamps been checked to see if they are tight or damaged?

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Clutch Pedal

1. Is there a free travel of 20-30 mm on the clutch pedal?

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Brake Pedal

1. Is there a free travel of 15-20mm on the brake pedal?

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2. Is the free travel in the right and left pedal equal?

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Battery Condition

1. Has the battery indicator been checked? (Green - OK. Black - needs recharging. White - replace)

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2. Photos required from report

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