Plan For Haccp

This HACCP planning checklist can be used to assess the current system for classifying and controlling food safety risks, as well as assigning responsibilities within the team.​

Plan for HACCP

General Information

1. Please mention the names and positions of the participants

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2. Describe the process

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3. Describe the product and its intended use

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4. Please attach a photo of the examined flow diagram

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1. Please enter the name of the person in charge of monitoring the critical control points

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2. How will the process be controlled at this step to assure that the process is under control?

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3. What is the frequency of monitoring the CCPs?

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4. What equipment will be used?

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5. Describe the methods that will be followed if a crucial limit is exceeded. Include the actions to get the process back under control and how any product that might possibly be unsafe will be managed.

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6. Any additional observations / recommendations

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Checklist by – Please note that this checklist is intended as an example. We do not guarantee compliance with the laws applicable to your territory or industry. You should seek professional advice to determine how this checklist should be adapted to your workplace or jurisdiction.

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