Osha Respiratory Protection Standard Checklist

A checklist template that can be used to ensure that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Respiratory Protection standards are followed by healthcare staff.​

OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard Checklist

Respiratory Protection Standards

1. Have you designated a respiratory protection Program Administrator who is trained and able to manage respirator use at the site?

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2. Have you developed a written respiratory protection program that addresses the requirements of the OSHA standard and is specific to your workplace?

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3. Have you conducted air sampling or developed some other type of evidence that can be used to verify you have you selected the appropriate respirator for the type of exposure?

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4. Is an appropriate medical questionnaire or another method used to evaluate whether all employees are physically able to wear the protection prior to being allowed to wear a respirator or an approved dust mask?

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5. Has a fit test following the protocol in the OSHA standard been completed and documented for all respiratory protection prior to allowing a worker to use the respirator?

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6. Do employees follow the procedures and schedules for cleaning, disinfecting, storing, inspecting, maintaining, and repairing respirators?

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7. Are employees trained on all aspects of respiratory protection use?

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8. Are specific procedures developed and followed to ensure that workers who voluntarily wear a filtering face piece/dust mask are only wearing the respirator for nuisance dust levels that would not reach a significant level and the users have been trained on Appendix D of the OSHA respiratory protection standard?

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9. Are all aspects of the respiratory protection program implemented at no cost to the employee?

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