Dock Audit

The dock audit checklist can be used by Quality inspectors and officers for pre-shipping product inspections, to check design specifics, inventory, customer requirements etc, identifying any defects or issues.​

Dock Audit


1. Please enter the Product name and/or number

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2. Is the product compliant with the dimensional specifications?

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3. Are there any visible scratches, deformities or any other damage?

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4. Is it the right colour?

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Physical Inventory Count

1. Are all product inclusions inside the box as intended?

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2. Have manual(s) been included where applicable?

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Special Customer Requirements

1. If there are any special customer requirements does the product comply with all of them?

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Checklist by – Please note that this checklist is intended as an example. We do not guarantee compliance with the laws applicable to your territory or industry. You should seek professional advice to determine how this checklist should be adapted to your workplace or jurisdiction.

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