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All-in-one digital checklist app

Efficient mobile inspections 

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Instant reporting

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Consistent excellence every day

No more paper checklists or time wasted on manual reports. Increase quality and consistency with efficient & frequent inspections, spot issues and trends, resolve them faster. 

Evaluate compliance with quality, brand standards, merchandising, store operating procedures, customer service, health & safety, food hygiene, Covid-19 prevention and other standards.

Standardise, communicate, save time

How to ensure everyone is aware of the standards & procedures, and consistenly follow them? Define standard checks, quantify scores and share them across the whole organisation: 


We needed a full picture of store performance and environment.

We were able to roll out to all the area managers with ease. The GoAudits team was super engaged and adapted the platform to suit our needs. 

Simon Daley
Head of Retail,
Tommy Hilfiger – PVH

Our QA team efficiency improved tremendously and we decided to roll out the app to all our restaurant locations.

We’re now able to submit reports immediately after the visit, the operations team responds to 90% of the actions within 1-2 days. It’s much easier to review performance and analyse our findings now. 

Eliane E.
Quality & Hygiene Manager,
Independent Food Company, Dubai
rosewood logo

GoAudits has assisted us to move dramatically through our quality control scores, internal and external.

Any recommendation or request we made was immediately actioned upon. Highly recommended!

remus rosewood
Remus Palimaru
General Manager,
Rosewood London

100% visibility, in real time

What are the 3 top issues across all your stores? Are scores improving over time?

With instantly generated reports and dashboards, track performance and make informed decisions to deliver great quality and customer experience every time.

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